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B’Mitzvah Program
Becoming B’ Mitzvah at Kehilla Community Synagogue

At Kehilla, the B’ Mitzvah year is an immersion in Jewish learning and identity exploration. In its broadest terms, Kehilla’s B’ Mitzvah Program is designed to help students continue to build their relationship to Judaism through encounters with sacred texts, mitzvot, and perspectives on spirituality. Our program is a model (nationally) for creating meaningful, student centered B’mitzvah experience. Kehilla understands becoming B’ Mitzvah as a process of growth, reflection, and meaningful exploration. Our program intends to help students become more aware of their transition to Jewish adulthood and to envision the kind of adults they would like to become. 

The months that the student spends in concentrated study in a small group with 1 or two other students are celebrated in a Shabbat service in which the young person reads from the Torah, presents a drash (teaching) to the community and participates in leading the congregation in prayer. 

Membership in Kehilla Community Synagogue and attending Kehilla School for 5th & 6th grade are a prerequisite to enrollment in the B’ Mitzvah program.

For questions about Kehilla’s B’mitzvah Program, please contact Natalie Boskin (

All B’ Mitzvah ceremonies are open to the public. You are warmly invited to attend. You can find the dates on the Kehilla calendar.

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