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Week 5 Day 4: Netzach sheh b-Hod

 After sundown on Friday, April 26 we recite:


(Traditional) Baruch ata Adonai Eloheynu melech ha-olam asher kid’shanu b-mitz’votav v-tzivanu ahl s’firat ha-omer. 

(Feminized) Aht brucha Shechina eloheynu chey ha-olamim asher kidash’tanu b-mitz’voteyha v-tziv’tanu ahl s’firat ha-omer.

We bless the Source of time and space that summons us to holy action and instructs us on the counting of the omer. 

Today is 32 days of the Omer, which is 4 weeks and 4 days, the day of Netzach sheh b- Hod.

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Netzach and Hod represent the right and left legs.  Today, the balance of tiferet has flowed into netzach, leaving us standing solidly on two strong, spiritual foundations.   There is an infinite stream of energy for endurance and persistence, always being received and welcomed into the container of hod, the ennobled humility that comes with giving ourselves over in submission to what is.  This practice of letting go isn’t for quitters—we’re in it for the long haul, and we need the sustenance and renewal of netzach.  As we begin to unlock the mysteries of hod, as our hearts open to being one with the All, we ourselves become the momentary containers for eternity.  This is where we stand in the Universe.

Kavannah/ intention:

Ribbono Shel Olam, Master of the Universe, today I invite netzach, endurance/eternity, into my experience of hod, letting go.   Help me to remember that this letting-go takes practice, and often doesn’t come easily.  Help me to tap into the long-haul energy of netzach, as my letting-go deepens and becomes more familiar.   Let me feel the solidity of the spiritual pillars of netzach and hod, holding me steady in this moment.  May my practice today be of service to You and to Your creation.


Splendor and magnificence are Holy acts; justice stands forever.

            Hod v’hadar pa’alo; v’tzidkato omedet la’ad.

                        –Psalm 111:3


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