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View Barry Shapiro’s Ongoing Art Exhibit

Kehilla’s Art Committee invites you to stop by and enjoy Barry Shapiro’s deeply thoughtful, bold, and uniquely imaginative compositions currently on exhibit in the Fireside Room.  This show will run through mid-April.

Barry writes:  “As a visual artist, I use images now, almost exclusively, to tackle the social themes I’ve talked about professionally and personally as a philosophy teacher, diversity trainer, and political activist for over 45 years.  Additionally, I’ve always found myself seduced by simple beauty, intrigued by how things look, awed by spectacle, and addicted to the pleasures of metaphor and illusion.

When I first began producing art, I used scissors and glue on appropriated printed images.  Now, by using only my own photographs, I am compelled to get closer and engage more personally with my subjects, thereby reducing the distance that might cast them as “other.”  As I work with my images digitally, this connection to my subjects helps advance my goal of countering prejudice and creating painterly, seamless collages that reveal searching souls behind social stereotypes.

This exhibit was designed to present and visually balance the broad scope of my work for the viewer – allowing them to experience my passion for social justice and diversity while also appreciating my commitment to aesthetics.”

Coming next in the Fireside Room will be work by Dvora Gordon – mosaics to inspire you and photographs to soothe the soul.

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