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WHEN: First session Sunday, November 11, 2018 10am – 12pm
WHERE: at Kehilla in the Back Classroom – Main Floor
FACILITATORS: Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman and Chaplain Laura Fitch

The group is part of the community’s larger project of addressing racism and de-centering whiteness within and beyond our congregation. It is an outgrowth of Kehilla’s affinity group for those who identify as white or as benefitting from white privilege. This will be a safe space in which to engage in the emotional and spiritual journey of healing and repairing the soul around these critical issues. You do not have to participate in the larger affinity group in order to attend these sessions, and you are welcome to come to as many or as few sessions as will facilitate your healing journey.

As a framework we will use the three-fold path from the Ba’al Shem Tov’s teaching on healing and being present to grief and trauma. The three-fold path includes:

1. Hachna-ah: Full Immersion / Presence. We’ll sit fully and mindfully with our difficult experiences and feelings and be held by each other in a loving if also challenging way as we do.

2. Havdalah: Differentiation. We’ll find ways to distinguish between our past and present, our trauma and present day realities. We’ll ask ourselves: What keeps us silent or complicit in the face of racism? What keeps us safe? What are our fears, real or imagined, around racism and white privilege? What opportunities emerge as we honestly examine our experience? How can we let go of what keeps us from being fully present to racism, connect better with those who are targets of racism, and engage with other white people who may be acting out in oppressive ways?

3. Ha-Mitookah: The Sweetening. We’ll lean into gratitude and hopefulness for the ways our lives are enhanced and our spirits uplifted through an honest reckoning, and by the potential for more genuine and meaningful relationships with ourselves and others.

Please join us.

NOTE: Pre-registration is not required, but RSVP’s are strongly encouraged to give facilitators a sense of how many people to expect. To RSVP email Laura at

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