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The Kehilla Shabbat at the Climate Action September 8

From Rabbi David and Kehilla’s Greening Committee

We will observe the last Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 8 with a short service before the action: “Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice.” This is an action across the country and we will gather near the local convening point of the march on the Embarcadero Plaza in San Francisco. (We do not have exact details yet, but plan to be there at 9:30 although this may be subject to change.)

This is a perfect Shabbat for this action because Nitzavim is the Torah portion where we are asked to choose between life and death. The parasha also describes how negative climate change is an outcome of worshipping false idols. And Nitzvaim means “Standing” and we will indeed be taking a stand on that day.

One thing that makes this national action particularly appropriate for us is that it is not confined to the environment in a narrow sense, but recognizes that the justice we seek is environmental, economic and racial as well. The organizers describe the impetus as “a powerful movement of Indigenous people, frontline communities, immigrants, people of color, people of faith, young people, Californians, and people from across the world [who] are demanding real climate leadership to keep fossil fuels in the ground.” The action demands “just, equitable and resilient 100% renewable energy economy that rapidly expands economic opportunity, creates family sustaining jobs, and protects vulnerable communities, workers, and future generations.”

For more on the action and to sign yourself up as a participant go to or Google “Rise for Climate” and “San Francisco.”

Clearly this one for us to join.

So please read Kehilla’s weekly emails and our Social Action Opportunity emails for updates about where we will assemble and other details. Also check out the Kehilla Calendar and the Social Action Opportunity’s calendar which you can access through the SAO emails and we will update these as new details come in.

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