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Thank You for Your Time: June Kol Kehilla



Sharon Grodin, for being the kind and gentle shepherdess of the conversion process at Kehilla. Five recent conversions were celebrated, and we would like to honor her role as an educator at Kehilla, and a constant pillar of spiritual growth. Thank you!

Shoshana Finacom, Marcie Rubel and Tova Vance, for helping plan and facilitate our Annual Community Meeting. Thank you!

The Sanctuary Taskforce: Julie Litwin, Tova Vance, Catherine Lyons, Penny Rossenwasesr, Richard Speigleman, Julie Arronowitz and Rabbi Dev Noily, for a beautiful Sanctuary Shabbat event on May 12th, and all the work that has gone and is going into Kehilla’s deepening commitment to Sanctuary.

Many More Thank Yous

Keeping track of all the people who make Kehilla amazing is a difficult task! We invite you to submit names of folks who you would like to give a shout out to in the Kol Kehilla through the online submission form.


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