Thank You for Your Generosity: July 2019

Thank You for Your Generosity


Annual Fund

Ellen and Howard Rosenberg 
Marjorie Cox 
Catherine Lyons 
Barry Skeist

General Donation

Rachel Vyda Venning and Laura Weide 
Ari Grossman-Naples 
Jay and Ruth Koch

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Carla Schick, in honor of the Immigration Committee
Linda Artel, for Rabbi David who is terrific and understanding
Riley Newfield, a gift from Riley made from a portion of his Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Terumah Building Fund 

Carla Schick, in honor of the Immigration Committee


The Annual Retreat Planning Committee Members: still planning, still collecting folks, all doing amazing work! To be listed in detail in August 🙂

Office Volunteers in June: Whitney Dorman, Jeanette Nichols, and Shoshkie Finacom, and Sasha Gottfried, who patiently and beautifully helped us move forward with some important projects.

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