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Thank You for Your Generosity: August 2019

Thank You for Your Generosity


Contributors to: Many Stories, Shared Liberation, an Evening with Alicia Garza:

Alex Madonik and Eve Sweetser
Ali and Jessica Cannon
Andrea Lappen and David Smith
Ann Finkelstein
Barbara Petterson and David Lee
Carol Rothman and Scott Ullman
Carole Lowenberg
Carolyn Schour
Catherine Lyons
Cathy Steirn and Chris Kinavey
Daniel Alpert and Laura Nelson
Deborah Kaufman and Alan Snitow
Dolores Taller
Don and Bracha Stone
Elaine Leitner and Steve Zieff
Hedy Straus and Laura Boxer
Hero Mikuriya, Robert Olken and Amy Shutkin
Jan Herzog and Izzy Bokser
Jane Hoberman and Robert Kelly
Janet Linder
Jay and Ruth Koch
Jeanne Finberg
Jenna and Malka Stover-Kemp
Jennifer Wachter and Eveline Shen
Julia Epstein and Betsy Sandel
Kam McCallum-Gesher and Gabriella Heinsheimer-Gesher
Karen Gersten-Rothenberg and Jonathan Blazer
Karen Pernet and Howard Tevelson
Laura Finkler and Larry Walter
Laura Fitch and Jaime Jenett
Lisa Korwin and Karen Walsh
Lisa Raffel and Scott Smith
Lynn Bravewomon, Sam Braveman-Kennedy & Ann Kennedy
Marcie Rubel
Marilyn Golden
Merle Lustig and Ron Glass
Michael and Amy Sholinbeck
Michael and Julie Saxe-Taller
Michael Myers and Sarah Carnochan
Michael-David Sasson
Myrna and Barry Schwartz
Naomi Tucker and Valerie Curtis
Natalie Roden
Paul Kivel and Micki Luckey
Pearl Werfel and Sheila Kolenc
Penny Rosenwasser
Quin Hussey and Julia Caplan
Rachel Pray and Liza Hecht
Ralph Silber
Randi Myrseth and Jonathon Gray
Richard Maisel
Rita Cahn
Rita Huybrechts and Glen Price
Ron Strochlic and Avi Rose
Ruth Minka and Kathy Smith
SAM Luckey and Kendra Froshman
Sandy Bredt and Em Holmes
Shari and Stephen Washburn
Sharon Brown and Robert Pompeani
Sherry Novick and Bob Roden
Shirley Haberfeld and Bob Allegrotti
Stephanie Hochman and David Drum
Susan Freundlich
Teri Gruenwald and Karen Cohn
Tova and Robert Vance

Annual Fund

Diana and Hal Feiger

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Carol Hoffman, in memory of Ellen Bernstein’s mother


Sim Kallan, for helping with music equipment

Our Amazing Retreat Committee: Don Stone, Anna Martin, Sharon Brown, Tadish Durbin, Leah Korican, Terry McGlynn, Michael Tertes, Pearl Werfel, Sheella Mierson, Bracha Stone, Loel Solomon, Linda Ozarow, Carrie Cizauskas, Sabine Armour, and all the many people who attended helped during the weekend!

Sharon Grodin, Jeanette Nichols, Renee Enteen, and others who are already helping us get ready for HHDs!

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