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Thank You for Your Generosity: January 2019

Thank You for Your Generosity


General Donation

Cathy Steirn and Chris Kinavey
Gwyneth Kirk

High Holy Day Tzedakah

Dolores Taller
Melissa Rapp, in memory of Jeff Rosen
Robert Cohen

Immigrant Shower Project

Lionel Schour
Lisa Friedman

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Susan Schulman and Fay Rohrbach, in honor of Lisa Korwin


Jack Stuber and Tree Gelb Stuber, for making and pre-frying and freezing over 600 Latkes for our Hanukkah party

Tadish Durbin, Katharine Hawthorne, Benjamin Hersh, and Linda Ozarow, who lovingly spent the majority of our Hanukkah party in the kitchen, baking the over-600-latkes for consumption!

Susan Schulman, Fay Rohrbach, Karen Friedman, Richard Nosek, and Geri Degen, who stuffed s-o many envelopes with us at the office

To the people we may have left out in error: Thank you. Really. We’re sorry we missed naming you, but please know every few minutes of your help and generosity made a difference for us and for the entire community who got to celebrate the holidays the way we did

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