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Thank You for Your Generosity: November 2019

Thank You for Your Generosity


Accompaniment Teams

Julie Litwin, Shelley Sella and NoahLani Litwinsella

Annual Fund

Carol Rothman and Scott Ullman
Donald White, Simchat Torah Donation
Jay and Ruth Koch
Julia Epstein and Betsy Sandel
Julia Epstein and Betsy Sandel, in honor of Lisa Korwin’s birthday
Marcie Rubel and Michael Rufo

General Donation

Barbara Fairman
Blair Sandler
Hedy Straus and Laura Boxer, in memory of Ira Boxer and Jaime Tucker
Judith Bell
Kaia Burkett
Lisa Raffel and Scott Smith General Donation, in honor of Johanna Szerlip Fisher (kiddush sponsorship)
Naomi Robinson, in honor of Yom Kippur Neilah Services
Patricia Walsh, in honor of Lisa Korwin for her birthday!
Roberta Klezmer and Kenneth Woolfe
Susan Voigt
The San Francisco Foundation

High Holy Day Tzedakah

Abigail Tarail and Julio Barb
Anthony Fenner
Barbara Benzwi
Barbara, Demi and Selena Rhine
Beth Chayin Chadashim
Carla Schick
Catherine Lyons
Cathy Steirn and Chris Kinavey
Claire Eustace and Amit Shoham
Edie Reba Murphy
Helene Frommer and Stephen Lipton
Jaime Levy and Simone Masson
Jaime Levy and Simone Masson
James Haber
Jamie McGrath
Jane Hoberman and Robert Kelly
Jerry, Glenn and Chris Baral
Julie Patrusky
Kam McCallum-Gesher and Gabriella Heinsheimer-Gesher
Karen and Doree Friedman
Kitty Kameon
Laurie Grossman and David Wright
Leah Korican and Brian Barlay
Marilyn Golden
Miriam and Carol Gross
Monica Berson
Nate and Nadia Stanis
Neal Davis and Esther Ehrlich
Rebecca Novick and Jeff Prucher
Ronald Cohen and Susan Swerdlow
Ronald Elson
Ruth Bossieux
Ruth Tavlin
Samuela Evans and Peter Garabedian
Susan Goldstein
Suzanne Haas-Lyon
Suzi Goldmacher and Amy Halio
Wendy Struhl

Immigrant Shower Project

Barbara Petterson and David Lee
Hedy Straus and Laura Boxer
Joshua Goldberg
McKaile and Laura Alie
Oliver Mills

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Liz Balsam
Daniel Alpert and Laura Nelson, in appreciation of Rabbi Dev’s kindness at the time of my sister’s death
Galen Ellis, in honor of Lisa Korwin’s 60th birthday
Maya Brodkey and Katrina (Shifrah) Hanson
Rita Cahn
Ruth Minka and Kathy Smith
Sue Kearney, in honor of the Kehilla community

Terumah Building Fund

Kaia Burkett

Youth Scholarship Fund

Sandy Hochman, in honor Stephanie Hochman

Elena Moser, in memory of Glenn Gelfenbein


Our High Holy Day Volunteers, without whom the holy days wouldn’t be the magic that they are: 

Renee Enteen, for managing volunteers and hired staff and being logistical support

The Bima Team: Sharon Grodin, Shoshkie Finacom, Lynn Lazarus, Bob Olken, Monica Berson, and Lisa Korwin

Don Stone, for setting up the chairs and managing accessibility seating, and Nelson Max, for being his right hand

Mel Berzon, for being our volunteer sound tech

Jeanette Nichols, for making beautiful art for the literature

The Community Safety Task Force: Ben Washofsky, Jaime Jenett, Josh Mandel, Karen Cohn, Michael Saxe-Taller, Nina Cohen, Penny Rosenwasser, Rabbi Gray Myrseth, and Ruth Atkin

High Holy Day Safety Volunteers: Amy Gordon, Bennett Lareau-Meredith, Ben Washofsky, Catherine Lyons, Don Stone, Jaime Jenett, Jay Koch, Jessica Cannon, Josh Mandel, Justyn Lezin, Karen Cohn, Kim Haveson, Laura Alie, Laura Fitch, Lisa Bernard-Pearl, Mac Alie, Margo Kushel, Nikki Sachs, Nina Cohen, Ori Tzvieli, Penny Rosenwasser, Phillip Coffin, Ruth Atkin, Sam Davis, and Stephanie Hochman

The MANY Greeters, Ushers, Ticket Scanners, Runners, Setup Crew, and People Who Helped with Other Things: Jane Hoberman, Alex Dillon, Dan Alpert, Leslie Baker, Carla Schick, Renee Enteen, Carla Schick, Sim Kallan, Nikki Sachs, Elena Moser, Janet Linder, Nancy Feinstein, Katharine Hawthorne, Stacia Biltekoff, Jamie Sperry, Jody Berke, Simma Lieberman, Beth Weinberger, Carolyn Schour, Rita Karuna Cahn, Joi Jencuyah, Merle Lustig, Susan McKenna, Samuela Evans, Kendra Froshman, David Axel, David Feldstein, Karen Friedman, Ruth Minka, Amy Sholinbeck, Zach Weiss, Ruth Tavlin, Myrna Schwartz, Laura Finkler, Rick Maisel, and Sabine Amour

To the people we may have left out in error: Thank you. Really. We’re sorry we missed naming you, but please know every few minutes of your help and generosity made a difference for us and for the entire community who got to celebrate the holidays the way we did

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