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Thank You for Your High Holy Days Tzedakah Donations

Judy Gumbo Albert in memory of David Doskin and Stew Albert

Barbara Benzwi

Reena Bernards in honor of Avi Rose and Marilyn Golden, two long-time friends and Kehilla members

Harriet Charney in memory of Larry Sirott

Seth Chazin

Lisa Cohen in memory of her mother, Joyce Levine Cohen Jacobson, her pup ,Sir Lance, and her bestie, Kay Virago

Ronald Cohen

Karen Cohn and Terri Gruenwald

Anna Couey and Michael Robin in honor of and for Black Lives Matter, and in memory of Vyvian Robin

Neal Davis and Esther Ehrlich

Claire Eustace and Amit Shoham in memory of Joan Van Divort

Samuela Evans in memory of Sylvia and Channing Evans

Lisa Feldstein in honor of Sharon Grodin’s presence on the Bimah, and in appreciation of Debbie Fier

Michael Freund and Rhonda Barovsky

Karen Friedman in honor of Sylvia Friedman

Elissa Gershon and Michael Butler in memory of Bonnie Gershon and Deb Hubsmith

Sharon Ginsberg in memory of Benjamin Cohen

Sue Goldberg in memory of her father Manny Goldberg

Suzi Goldmacher and Amy Halio in memory of Arlene Shmaeff

Susan Goldstein in memory of Sylvia & Max Winer

Dvora Gordon

Sasha Gottfried and Marc Winokur in honor of Rabbi Burt, with gratitude for his support during Marc’s recent illness

Laurie Grossman and David Wright in memory of Sol Grossman

Eugenia Guidi in memory of Maurice Brown

Suzanne Haas-Lyon and Nadia Stanis in memory of Eileen Haas

Jim Haber in memory of Jay Marx

Helen Hampton

Susan Haney in memory of Albert Harold Haney

Jane Hoberman in memory of Solomon Hoberman, William Kelly, and Sarah Haberfeld de Haaff

Sandy Hochman in honor of her daughter, Stephanie Hochman

Stephanie Hochman in memory of Bradley Cason

Kitty Kameon

Alice Kaswan in memory of Jaques Kaswan

Bobbe Klezmer and Ken Woolfe

Leah Korican and Brian Barlay in memory of Peter Korican and Andrew Barlay

Hannah Kranzburg in memory of Emily Pletman Pearlman, Flora Friedland Bryant, and Jean Hardisty

Bonnie and Peter Lawrence in memory of Ethel Fishman

Catherine Lyons in memory of Micheline Lyons and Gene Lyons

Simone Masson in memory of her grandmothers Diana Masson and Hanka Alter

Melissa Rapp in memory of Jeff Rosen

Barbara Rhine

Penny Rosenwasser in memory of Dutch and Artie Rosenwasser

Nikki Sachs in memory of Olivia and Oscar Sachs

Carla Schick in memory of Stanley Schick and Lisa Waldman

David Shaddock

Norma Smith in memory of David McPhail

Naomi Stein in honor of Hal Stein and Michi Zack

Hedy Straus and Laura Boxer in memory of Jaime Tucker

Dolores Taller in memory of Stephen Lee Taller

Melani Van Petten in memory of Joel Brody

Lenore Weiss in honor of Mischa Weiss and Ilya Galitzen

Beth Weinberger in honor of Kehilla’s Spiritual Leadership Team


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