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Thank You for Your Generosity


Monica Berson

Sandy Bredt

Lisa Cohen & Nikee Borden

Mandy Bratt

Marjorie Cox

Beth Dickinson & Dixie Briggs

Julia Epstein & Betsy Sandel

Joan Facher in honor of Nancy Feinstein

Laura Fitch & Jaime Jennet

Helene Frommer & Stephen Lipton

Janet Holmgren

Lisa Korwin

Bonnie & Peter Lawrence

Rachel & Zach Gratz-Lazarus

Allan Solomonow & Ofelia Alayeto

Cathy Steirn

Malka Stover & Jenna Kemp

Hedy Straus & Laura Boxer

Tova & Robert Vance

Mark Schlosberg & Jennifer Wong



Eric Boskin in honor of Kehilla and especially Sandra Razieli at our wedding ceremony

Nancy Freistein in memory of Terri Masson

Enid Goodman in honor of Sharon Grodin

Julie Patrusky in memory of her father, Nathan Patrusky

Carla Schick in memory of Rona and Stanley Schick

Kathleen Meagher & Harvey Sohnen

Elena Moser & Janet Linder

Julie Patrusky

Jill Rose

Nidra (Rosie) Rosenthal

Penny Rosenwasser

Blythe Sheldon

Kristina Peterson

Denise & Fred Silverstein in memory of Terri Masson, mother of Simone Masson.



Irene McPhail


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