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Thank You for Your Generosity

Annual Fund

Marjorie Cox

Jeffrey Hoffman


General Fund

Sandy Bredt & Em Herzstein

Michael & Dana Gill in honor of Rabbi Dev Noily & Sara Felder


Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Julie Bussgang & Rich Bernius in appreciation of a wonderful B’nai Mitzvah

Bracha & Don Stone


Sage Fund

Bracha & Don Stone


Terumah Fund


Madeleine Adkins in memory of Jaime Tucker and Susan Schacht

Amy Bat Tzipora

Marcia Brooks in memory of David McPhail

Karen Cohn & Teri Gruenwald in honr of Amy Pitt’s and Fred Cohn’s recovery

Rabbi David J. Cooper in honor of Joel Kreisberg

Marjorie Cox

Lisa Feldstein in honor of Jennifer Tucker and in memory of Jaime Tucker

Shoshana & Dave Finacom in honor of our spiritual leadership and staff

Marilyn Golden

Heather Jolly

Rachele Kanigel in memory of Charles Kanigel

Joel Kreisberg & The Louisa Kreisberg Family Foundation

Irene McPhail

Elena Moser and Janet Linder in memory of Sheila Cohen

Rabbi Dev Noily & Sara Felder Noily

Charlie Prins

Karen Rachels in memory of David McPhail

Rachel Reiley in honor of Rabbi Dev

Nikki Sachs

Susan Schulman

Bracha & Don Stone

Melani Van Petten in honor of the people of Paris


Kiddush Fund

Marjorie Cox, Jenna & Malka Stover-Kemp, Jacque Gothard, Don & Bracha Stone in honor of those who have sustained Kehilla to create a home for new Jews to be able to grow and be celebrated in the fullness of who they are.


New Kitchen Stove Fund in memory of Jaime Tucker

Dolores Taller


Thank You for Your Donations to the Alameda County Community Food Bank Holiday Dinner Drive


Ellen Becker & Howard Hamburger

Isabel Berkelhammer

Monica Berson & Siraj Omar

Mandy Bratt

Marjorie Cox

Shoshana & Dave Finacom

Hope Friedman

Karen Friedman

Helen Frommer & Steve Lipton

Elisa Gershon & Michael Butler

Susan Goldstein

Susan Greenwald

Rachele Kanigel & Laird Harrison

Shoshana Halle

Stephanie Hochman & David Drum

Deborah Kaufman

Lappen Family Foundation

Florence Lewis

Julie Litwin & Shelley Sella

Nelson & Mika Max

Irene McPhail

Eleanor Rush & James Puskar

Nikki Sachs

Carla Schick

Carolyn Schour

Ralph Silber

Alan Snitow

Cathy Steirn

Bracha & Don Stone

Dolores Taller

Beth Weinberger

Lenore Weiss

Alice Wilkins

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