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Thank You for Your Generosity: October 2018

Thank You for Your Generosity


Annual Fund

Diane Elliot and Burt Jacobson

Mary Ross, in honor of the streaming of High Holy Day Services for homebound attendees

General Fund

The Louisa Kreisberg Family Foundation

Eric Boskin

Janet Kranzberg

High Holiday Tzedakah

Janet Kranzberg, in memory of my parents, Betty & Max Kranzberg, Melanie Kaye Kranzberg,

Paul Booth & Rachel Cowan

Karen and Alexandra Friedman, in honor of Sylvia

Ann Casper and Mark Irons

Andrea Gilbert and Gail Logan

Melani Van Petten and Sarah Brody, in honor of Joel Broday

Carla Schick, in memoriam of Stanley & Rona Schick

Suzi Goldmacher and Amy Halio, in memoriam of Harry, Molly & Joel Goldmacher & Arlene Shmaeff

Julie Patrusky

Neal Davis and Ester Ehrlich

Jane Hoberman and Robert Kelly, in memory  of Solomon Hoberman, William H Kelly, Ruth Friedman & Sarah DeHadf

Susan Coto McKenna and Rafael Coto

Leah Korican and Brian Barlay, in memory of Peter Korican

Jamie Levy and Simone Masson

Barbara Benzwi

Rhonda Barovsky and Michael Freund

Peter and Bonnie Lawrence, in memory of Sam & Frieda Dozoretz

Dana Chwartz-Benedetto and Larry Benedetto

Ari Krakowsk and Scott Amendola

Claire Eustace and Amit Shoham, in memory of Ivan Eustace & Phyllis Eustace

Anne Schonfield and Rebecca Miller

Roselyn and Jesus Mena, in memory of my mom Sarah Wolfe

Simone Masson and Jaime Levy, in memory of Terri Masson, Hanka Alter & Diana Masson

Catherine Lyons, in memory of her parents

Jamie McGrath

Lisa Cohen and Susan Borden , in memory of Luna Lester

Barbara and Demi Rhine

Elissa Gershon and Michael Butler

Kitty Kameon

Rita Cahn

Laurie Grossman and David Wright

Mellisa Rapp and Sam Rosen

Immigration Project

Carol Delton and Steve Zolno, in honor of Alex Madonik

Jonathan Blazer and Karen Gersten-Rothenberg

Barbara and William Fairman

Sharon & Lorin Duckman

Barbara and Demi Rhine, in honor of Families We Accompany

Vanguard Charitable, in honor of the Shower Project

Karen Sukenic and Dara Efron, in honor of Families We Accompany

Lisa Korwin and Kip Walsh, in honor of all who need sanctuary

Cathy Steirn and Chris Kinavey

Julie Litwin and Shelley Sella

Donna Korones and Ronnie Gilbert

Kim Bailey, in honor of the celebration of Michael’s birthday!

Jin Young, in honor of Michael Saxe-Taller

Paul Kivel and Micki Luckey, in honor of Immigrants

Ellen Brotsky, in honor of Penny Rosenwasser

Sandy Bredt and Em Herzstein, in honor of Families we Accompany and in honor of Talia and Andrew’s Upcoming Marriage

Bill and Lynn Lazarus, in memory of Ralph Lazaurus

Terry Kupers and Harriet Charney, in memory of Arlene Shmaeff and Larry Sirott

Joshua Goldberg

Sharon Lebenkoff

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

David Levine and Laurel Zien, in honor of Rabbi Burt

Eric Boskin

Kobi Ledor

Samuel and Daphne Noily, Yishar Koach Rabbi Dev

Jerry and Chris Baral

Lenore Weiss, in memory of Robert Galitzen

Terumah Building Fund

Nikki Sachs

Edith Leighton Murphy, in memory of Rosalind Leighton

Youth Scholarship Fund

Sandy Hochman, in memory of her parents



Thank you to the many volunteers who made Kehilla’s High Holy Day Services what they were:

So Many Thank Yous
We’d like to take a moment to honor the members of our community who made High Holy Days happen, along with our amazing clergy and staff here at Kehilla. There were many of you.

Sharon Grodin, for prepping and leading the Bima Team.
Don Stone, for working on seating and all matters of accessibility.
Renee Enteen, for staffing all hired help and coordinating volunteers.

The Bima Team, for prepping and setting up and taking down the beautiful bima (multiple times!)
The Ushers and Greeters
The Setter-Upers and Cleaners
The Magical Everything Helpers (Max with chairs, Leanne with logistics, Joi with cleaning up)
And to So Many More People

Thank you!!!

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