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Thank You for Your Generosity: February 2019

Thank You for Your Generosity


Annual Fund

Anita Stapen and Richard Granberg
Dorothy and Paul Wachter
Lisa Korwin and Kip Walsh

Day to Day Operations

Barbara Cohen and Allen Price, in memory of parents Trudy and Cal Cohen
Jay and Ruth Koch, in honor of Rabbi Burt
Laura Fairman, in honor Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman
Marcie Rubel and Michael Rufo, in honor of their fathers Bill Rosenfeld and Stan Rubel
Pamela Berkowitz

General Donation

Andrea Gilbert
Barbara Fairman, in honor of Shulamit Wise Fairman
Beth Weinberger
Carolyn Schour
Cathy Steirn, in memory of her dad, Walter Steirn yarhzeit
Estelle Tarica
Karen and Doree Friedman, in honor of their dear mother Sylvia Friedman
Laura Tow
Martin Levin in honor of Rabbis Dev, David and Burt, and Michael Saxe-Taller, and their vision being realized
Nicky Silver
Rabbis Diane Elliot and Burt Jacobson
Reni Aniela and Miguel Zuliani
Richard Maisel
Russell and Jill Cohn
Ruth Phillips
Susan Schulman and Fay Rohrbach, in honor of Rabbi Dev Noily

Immigration Committee / Supporting Immigration Work

Jeanne Finberg
Katharine Hsiao, in honor of Jeanne Finberg
Carole Lowenberg
Laurie Nemzer

Rabbi’s Emeritus Project 

Barbara and Demi Rhine
Julie and Michael Saxe-Taller
Karen Cohn and Teri Gruenwald
Phil Weintraub and Judy Blumenfeld
Sharon Grodin
Shoshana Halle
Shulamit Fairman and Joseph Oper
Steve and Amy Abern

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Alice Wilkins and Joseph Malloy
Arthur Eckstein
Ellen Becker and Howard Hamburger, in honor of Rabbi Dev
Ira Leventhal, in memorial of Arlene Leventhal
Judith Albert
Melissa Rapp in honor of Rabbi Dev, in appreciation of them leading/guiding them for their mother’s shiva, September 2017

Terumah Building Fund

Alex Madonik and Eve Sweetser, in memory of Paul Madonik
Ann Finkelstein Terumah
Anna Martin and Loel Solomon.  in honor of Loel Solomon
Barbara Cohen and Allen Price, in memory of parents Trudy and Cal Cohen
Bracha and Don Stone
Carol Rothman and Scott Ullman
Cathy Steirn
Daniel Alpert and Laura Nelson
Debbie Fier, in memory of Ariel Hershcopf
Eric Boskin
Helene Frommer and Steve Lipton
Jan Herzog and Izzy Bokser
Janice and Michael Ruchlis
Jeanne Finberg
Jonathon Gray and Randi Myrseth
Julie and Michael Saxe-Taller
Julie Bussgang and Rich Bernius
Julie Litwin and Shelley Sella
Karen Rachels
Lili Shidlovski
Lisa Feldstein
Marilyn Golden
Miriam and Carol Gross
Monica Berson
Natalie Bonnewit and Matt Myers
Nelson and Mika Max
Nikki Sachs
Ron Cohen and Susan Swerdlow
Ruth and Jay Koch
Sasha Gottfried and Marc Winokur
Shoshana and Dave Finacom
Susan McKenna and Rafael Coto
Tadish Durbin and Linda Ozarow, in memory of Steven Durbin


Zo Henderson
for helping us with our PCs and our tech security, for supporting the immigration committee and adult ed in their tech needs, and for being all around fantastic 

Jesse Hamburger
for being our WordPress support this month and helping us figure out some long-term setups! 

Rachel Bloch
for her continual work on Kehilla’s Library!! Taking inventory, sorting, organizing, cataloguing, and so much more

Naomi Permutt
for coming in and getting nitty gritty tasks done with a sweet attitude and loads of patience 

Joseph Sklar, Samuela Evans, and Renee Enteen
for helping us with the endless mailings! 

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