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Thank You for Your Generosity

Annual Fund
Lori Lefkovitz in honor of Rabbi Dev Noily

General Donation
Chaya Gusfield in honor of Shoshana Finacom
Justine W. MacNeil in honor of Michael and Julie Saxe-Taller
Ralph Silber
Lisa Korwin and Kip Walsh
Laura Nelson
Eva Pettersson in honor of the recent birth of my granddaughter Zoe Eva Lia and to all the leaders and staff at Kehilla
Kaia Burkett

High Holy Days Tzedakah Fund
Robert Kelly & Jane Hoberman in memory of Solomon Hoberman, William Kelly & Ruth Freidman
Karen Friedman
Julie Patrusky in memory of Hannah & Nathan Patrusky
Kirsten Cros
Beth Weinberger in memory of Frieda Winberger
Susan Goldstein in memory of Max and Sylvia Winer
Ruth and Jay Koch in memory of Ruth’s father, Irv Teitelbaum
Dolores Taller in honor of Stephen Lee Taller
Jamie McGrath in honor of Wendy & David McGrath
David Wright & Laurie Grossman
Penny Rosenwasser in memory of Fran Rachel, Chef Yulanda, Liz Stevens, and Barrie Brewer
Dvora Gordon in honor of Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Simone Masson & Jaime Levy in memory of Terri and Diane Masson, Hanka Alter & Valia Langsam
Michael Butler & Elissa Gershon
Susan Greenwald
Athalia & Aaron Sachawitz in honor of Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Bonnie & Peter Lawrence
Steven Falk & Danielle Rosenman in honor of Adele Essman & Lillie Falk
Eleanor Susan Haney in honor of Alber Haney
Sue Goldberg in honor of Manny Goldberg
Lisa Cohen & Susan Borden in honor of Baci Cohen Borden
Carla Schick in memory of Stanley Schick
Leah Korican in memory of Peter Korican
Monica Berson
Barry Shapiro
Jerry Baral
Anne Schonfield
Catherine Lyons in memory of Gene & Micheline Lyons
Gillies McKenna
Claire Eustace & Amit Shoham in honor of Gerre Mckenna
Ruth Tavlin
Amy Mueller & Allison Rodman
Vicki Alcoset
Shoshana & David Finacomin memory of all beloved family & friends
Carol Anne Gross
Rhonda Barovsky
Nancy Feinstein
Janet Holmgren
Jen Banta Yoshida in honor of Rabbi David
Sarah Brody
Varya Simpson & Liam Macdermed in memory of Jonathan Bernbuam

Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund
Josh Gershick and Elissa Barrett in honor of Rabbi David Cooper, for his generous and gracious spiritual guidance during Josh’s transition
Jay and Randi Rothman in honor of Carol Rothman
Joshua Goldberg

Terumah Fund
Kaia Burkett
Susan Goldstein & Victor Herbert
Michael David Sasson in honor of Rabbi David’s sermon collection & a machzor

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