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Thank You for Your Generosity

Thank You for Your Generosity

Annual Fund

Marcie Rubel and Michael Rufo

Leslie Baker

Dorothy and Paul Wachter in honor of the Shen-Wachter Family

Bobby, Dee and Cota Ward in honor of the Kehilla Community for holding our family during a very difficult time. We appreciate the gifts, cards and all who attended the services for our son, Blake Owens.

Marjorie Cox

Jonathan and Laura Fairman in honor of Shulamit Fairman, our dear sister, friend and guide.

Grace Laurencin

Florence Lewis

Lisa Friedman

David and Shoshana Finacom

General Donation

Ronald and Shoshana Levy

The Maisel Foundation

Laura Boxer in memory of Sam Boxer

Skeist Family Charitable Trust

Andrea Lappen

Leanne Grossman

Miriam and Carlos Zamora-Kantor family in honor of Molly Melamed

Reni Aniela and Miguel Zuliani

Eva Pettersson and Rochelle Towers in memory of her mother Rosa’s Yahrzeit

In Honor of Rabbi Dev and the Brit Kehilla

Hedy Straus and Laura Boxer

Zachary and Rachel Gratz-Lazarus

Marjorie Cox

SAM Luckey

Jenny Wong and Mark Schlosberg

High Holy Days Tzedakah Fund

Rachael Reiley and Emily Newfield

Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund

Alice Wilkins and Joseph Malloy

Cathy Steirn in memory of Blake Owens

Karen and Doree Friedman in memory of her mother Sylvia Smerling

Barbara Haber

Amy Weiss in honor of Rabbi Dev

Jaime Levy and Simone Masson

Terumah Fund

Cathy Steirn in memory of her father, Walter Steirn

Hedy Straus and Laura Boxer

Sara Felder and Dev Noily

Carla Schick

Irene McPhail

Phoenix Lara and Vicki Alcoset

Susan Coto-McKenna and Rafael Coto

Jeffrey A. Mandel

Miriam Abrams

Ron Cohen

Karen Rachels

Andy Gold and Karen Cutler

Gail Rubman

Leslie Root and Evan Behar

Jerry, Chris and Glenn Baral in memory of Annabelle

Jeanette Nichols

Edie Reba Murphy in honor of Shulamit Fairman, Shifra Tabacman, Sharon Grodin, Julie Nesnansky, Debbie Fier and in memory of my mother, Rosalind Leighton

Barbara Cohen and Allen Price

Catherine Lyons

Janice Ruchlis

Miriam and Carol Gross in memory of Mollie Polinsky

Carol Rothman and Scott Ullman

Heather and Art Jolly in honor of Shulamit Wise Fairman

Karen Cohn and Teri Gruenwald

Adria Blum

Nicky Silver

Dave Drum and Stephanie Hochman

David Cooper and Marilyn Golden

Shoshana and David Finacom

Ruth and Jay Koch

Ruth Minka

Marjorie Cox

Estelle Tarica

Tree Gelb Stuber and Jack Stuber

SAM Luckey

Eric Boskin

Youth Scholarship Fund

Jonathon Gray and Randi Myrseth

Eric Boskin

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