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Thank You for Your Generosity


Sandy Bredt in honor of Team Tucker

Sandy Bredt & Em Herzstein in memory of Jaime Tucker

Barbara Cohen & Allen Price in memory of Jaime Tucker and Trudy & Cal Cohen

Hannah Kranzberg

Bill & Lynn Lazarus

The Wolf Family



Bracha & Don Stone  in memory of Janet Adelman and Bob Osserrman who were great retreat goers.

Varya Simpson & Charles MacDermed in memory of Rabbi Bernard Zlotowitz.

Glitter Kehilla in honor of Malka, Jenna, and SAM, fabulous pillars of the Glitter community. Glitter Kehilla wishes Malka and Jenna much joy and happiness in their marriage and SAM much luck in rabbinical school.

Malka Stover & Jenna Kemp in honor of their family who came from out of town for their wedding AND the Kehilla community who have been so generous and supportive of them over the last few years.

Laura Boxer & Hedy Straus in memory of Laura’s brother’s yahrtzeit, Ira Boxer.

Jan Herzog to commemorate the yahzeit of her father, Bert Herzog, and in honor of her mother, Lois Gordon’s 86th birthday.

Shoshana, Dave & Becca Finacom in honor of the wonderful Kehilla community.

Anna Martin & Loel Solomon



Wendy Buffett & Joel Kreisberg



Cindy Levitas & Jim Sinkinson in honor of Eliana Tertes’ Bat Mitzvah


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