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Thank You for Your Generosity

Annual Fund

Ty and Kathleen Ding in memory of Steve Schour

Dorothy and Paul Wachter in honor of the Shen Sachter Family


General Fund

Nancy Achorn in appreciation of Avi Rose

Judith Albert in memory of Stew Albert and David Dobkin

Sandy Bredt and Em Herzstein in honor of Susan Freundlich

Arthur Eckstein in memory of Jeannie Rutenburg

Nancy Feinstein and Glenn Shor in memory of Sam Feinstein

Rabbi Burt Jacobson to support staff retirement

Carol Hoffman Fran and Mike Lando in memory of their beloved father, Sidney Oper

Richard Maisel Howard and Elaine Myers in honor of the Bat Mizvah of Anna Myers

Joseph Oper in memory of his father, Sidney A. Oper

Julie Patrusky in memory of Layla Coltraine Hall

Claudia Reet Michael and Amy Sholinbeck in memory of Dorothy Sholm and Irving Sholm

Helen Stotzfus and Albert Greenberg in honor of Sharon Grodin’s art show


High Holy Days Tzedakah Fund

Kitty Kameon


In Honor of Rabbi Burt Jacobson’s 80th Birthday

Rhonda Barovsky

Amy Bat Tzipora

Sandy Bredt and Em Herzstein

Wendy Buffet and Joel Kreisberg

Barbara Cohen and Allen Price

Karen Cohn and Teri Gruenwald

Marjorie Cox

Beth Dickinson

Barbara Epstein

Julia Epstein

Samuela Evans

Shoshana and Dave Finacom

Helena Foster

Susan Freundlich and Denni Liebowitz

Sue Goldberg

Sharon Grodin

Alison Jordan

Jay and Ruth Koch

Ruth and Jon Levin

David Lee and Barbara Petterson

SAM Luckey

Michael Myers and Sarah Carnochan

Julie Nesnansky

Sherry Novick and Bob Roden

Jonathan Omer-Man and Nan Gefen

Julie Patrusky in honor of Sasha Gottfried and Rabbi Burt’s 80th birthday

Michele and Marc Rappaport

Danielle Rosenman and Steven Falk

Carol Rothman and Scott Ullman

Marcie Rubel and Michael Rufo

Amy Shutkin and Robert Oiken

Cathy Steirn and Chris Kinavey

Betty and Don Stone

Richard Stone

Tova and Robert Vance

Kim Venezia and Chinabear Joseph

Maurice Zilber



Nan Gefen

Karen Rachels


Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Joe DeVries and Danielle Saunders in honor of Rabbi David Cooper

Shoshanna Halle in appreciation of the Chesed Committee

Bill and Lynn Lazarus in honor of Sharon Grodin’s Art & Soul

Nate and Nadia Stanis in honor of Sue Haas-Lyon

Marilyn Valivs in memory of Layla Hall

Jennae Wallach in memory of Solomon Jay Wallach



Miriam Abrams

Linda Artel

Amy Bat Tzipora in memory of her parents and grandparents

Ellen Bernstein and Richard Speiglman

Kaia Burkett

Natalie Bonnewit and Matt Mayers

Beth Dickinson in honor of the leadership at Kehilla

Andrea DuBrow and Paul Buddenhagen

Susan Freundlich in memory of her mother, Betty Freundlich

Anita Goldstein in honor of Rabbi David Cooper

Susan Goldstein

Carol Gross

Leanne Grossman

Jan Herzog

Heather Jolly

Val Kinavey in honor of Cathy Steirn

Lisa Korwin and Kip Walsh

Elizabeth Kowal in memory of her dear friend, Elyse Lentz

Hannah Kranzberg

Joel Kreisberg in memory of Barry and Louisa Kreisberg

Grace Laurencin in memory of her mother, Helen Moorehead

Sharon Lebenkoff

Julie Litwin and Shelley Sella

Alex Madonik

Kathleen Meagher and Harvey Sohnen

Nelson and Mika Max

Aaron Muraski

Edie Reba Murphy in memory of her father, Joseph Leighton

Laura Nelson and Daniel Alpert

Laurie Nemzer

Carolyn Pedrotti

Julie Patrusky in honor of Rabbi David Cooper

Eva Petterson in memory of her mother, Rosa.

Karen Rachels

Fay Rohrbach and Susan Schulman

Howard and Ellen Rosenberg

Danielle Rosenman and Steven Falk in memory of their mothers, Adele Essman and Lillie Falk

Carol Rothman and Scott Ullman in honor of Cathy Steirn

Julie and Michael Saxe-Taller

Rita and Joseph Sklar

Carla Schick in memory of Rona and Stanley Schick

Anne Simon and Adrienne Cool

Alice Wilkins and Joseph Malloy

Diane and Joshua Wirtschafter

Jenny Wong and Mark Schlosberg

Miriam, Carlos, Adil and Daphne Zamora-Kantor



Cathy Jane Steirn in memory of her sister, Harriette


Youth Education Fund

Lisbeth Cutler in memory of Ed Krause

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