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Supporting theTrans-Gay Caravan

by Julie Litwin

The Kehilla Immigration Committee has volunteered to assist a young trans activist, Valeria, who is part of a caravan of trans and gay youth from Central America that crossed the border into the US on August 10th, seeking asylum due to violence against LGBTQI people in their home countries. Valeria is being sponsored and will be housed by Kehilla members, Esther Ehrlich and Neal Davis, and will be further supported by a Kehilla accompaniment team.

Valeria is featured in the attached video speaking about herself and the caravan.

The caravan members are currently being held in a detention center in Cibola, NM. We deeply hope that ICE will release Valeria and all the members of the caravan to their sponsors very soon. However, the process may take time. We will send phone numbers and ask everyone to make calls to ICE officials and politicians when the legal teams determines that this is the best strategy. We hope that Valeria will be with us shortly!

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