Torah Chanting Opportunities!

Love to chant Torah? We want YOU to leyn!

Teens and Adults, let’s do this, one aliyah at a time 🙂 Join us for Shabbat morning services and share your skills and love of leynen with our community. If you’re interested but have never chanted torah before, or if it’s been a long time and you expect to need significant support, please contact Hazzan Shulamit first–

Upcoming Torah Chanting Opportunities:

September 7: Elul CHAI Shabbat morning service (Sanctuary)
September 28: Elul Shabbat morning service (Fireside Room)
October 12: Shabbat morning (Fireside Room)
October 19: Shabbat and Chol Ha’mo’ed Sukkot (Sanctuary)
October 21: Monday night Erev Simchat Torah celebration (Sanctuary)
October 26: Family Shabbat (Sanctuary)
November 16: Shabbat morning (Fireside Rm)
November 30: Shabbat morning (Fireside Rm)
Dec 14: Shabbat morning (Fireside Rm)
Dec 21: Shabbat morning (Fireside Rm)

Contact for any of the above dates.

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