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Spiritual Life Practices Council

The Spiritual Life Practices Council (known as the SLPC) is a small working group of Kehilla members and Spiritual Leaders who support our spiritual leaders in addressing issues pertaining to the spiritual life and ritual practices of the Kehilla community.

Many initiatives have advanced with input by the SLPC, including considering and suggesting High Holy Day themes and content, creating a regular roster of Kabbalat Shabbat offerings, programming for the Summer Kehilla Retreat, forming Mispacha groups in preparation for the High Holy Days, and contributing to life cycle rituals. The SLPC works closely with the Kehilla Board, the Chevra Kadisha, the Adult Education Committee, and other groups as is appropriate. The SLPC supports our clergy by providing a sounding board for them and by representing the needs of our wider Kehilla community to them. We look for ways to share the load, reimagine spiritual service, nurture our staff, and cultivate new leadership.

We aim to have representatives of different constituencies in our council. We welcome questions and feedback on Kehilla’s services and ritual life. Contact us at or use our dedicated congregant feedback form here. You can also find this form on Kehilla’s homepage, at the ‘Give us Feedback.’

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