Special Passover Food Policy at Kehilla

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Kehilla is observing a completely chometz-free practice in regard to Passover, i.e., no leavening (no bread, no beer, no distilled drinks).

We need the cooperation of anyone who is planning to bring food to the synagogue building during Passover week (and just before). We ask people to follow the guidelines listed below from sunset on Wed., April 8 through sunset on Thurs., April 16.

If you are bringing food to Kehilla for a potluck or any other reason, please note that the following rules apply:

Vegetarian and dairy only. NO bread. NO grains in the ingredients EXCEPT rice and quinoa.

The ONLY allowed foods made from wheat are MATZA, or, where the wheat was already baked into Matza, such as Matza Balls which are made from Matza meal without wheat flour.

Beans and legumes are okay for Passover in Kehilla. No pizza, no regular pasta, please.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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