Join Kehilla rabbis and teachers of Torah for this traditional practice of staying up all night learning Torah as Shavu’ot comes in – the day G-d revealed Torah on Mt. Sinai in the wilderness, 50 days after the Exodus.

This will be an informal, low key, DIY Torah study situation! Bring a pillow, fuzzy slippers, whatever makes you comfortable.
Bring a snack to eat and some to share.
You can also bring fresh flowers and leaves to adorn the Torah ark.
Come for part of the time, or for the whole time.
We’ll begin with the evening service at 9:00 pm, and continue with hourly teachings, stretch breaks and snacks until the morning service at 6:00 am.

The learning will continue all day long at the East Bay JCC’s 35th Annual Tikkun! Register for the JCC day event here.

See a list of Torah All Night Long’s teachers and topics – more updates to come!

Bernadette Kim
In my talk, we will try to understand Abel’s suffering in the Story of Cain & Abel.  In addition, we will explore how we may deal with suffering, how we may draw strength, and what may be our relationship with God when we suffer.


Abigail Tarrail
The title of my talk is Cain and His Choices. I am exploring choices Hashem lays before Cain in Genesis 4:7.



Tadish Durbin
I’m going to talk on an overview of Jewish ritual and thought about death, mourning and the afterlife, inspired by Hillel Halkin’s book After One-Hundred-and-Twenty.



Natalie Boskin
From Pumpkins to Peppercorns: Exploring Halachic Authority- in this session, Natalie Boskin will guide participants through an exploration of a small piece of Talmud that has blasted open Natalie’s take on the rabbinic understanding of authority.

Yeshi Gusfield
Will explore the story of Cain and Abel as it relates to the question “why is wandering a punishment?” Teaching and discussion will center ideas about land, productivity, belonging, and vulnerability.