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Send Postcards: It is vital to reduce the population of Santa Rita Jail now

Dear Kehilla member,

Kehilla, through the Economic Justice Committee, is active in the The Interfaith Coalition for Justice in Our Jails.  The Coalition is very concerned about the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the Alameda County Jail and has organized a postcard campaign to pressure District Attorney Nancy O’Malley <> to de-populate the jails in a manner consistent with public safety.  With urgency, she should act with the courts to release all who are in custody on a bailable offense and grant early release to vulnerable detainees and those near the end of their sentences.

Please email the postcard below (both sides) to D.A. O’Malley at Feel free to personalize the message in the Subject line and to include your own message above the postcard.

Finally, please Myrna, to help us track the number of responses sent.

Be well and safe,

Karen Rachels
EJC chair


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