What is this??

These are three spreadsheets, each with multiple tabs, set up to provide the Kehilla community with a way to connect virtually and support each other during the Shelter in Place. 

What do I do if I need groceries but I’m not going out? Will someone contact me?

Please put your name on the appropriate sheet. You can look to see who is listed as offering help and contact them directly! If you prefer, or if your need is not immediate, you may simply list your name and wait for someone to contact you. My hope is that as people go shopping these days, those of us who can help out, will scan the list to see if anyone nearby needs anything. If you have not found a match, or it’s urgent please reach out to Rachel Bloch directly.

I appreciate the help but don’t want to interact. Will people expect a social call?

Please coordinate the best way to drop off things with your match. No one is expecting anything, and we all hope to see each other in person soon. Now we just want to help us all get through this trying time.

Can my child fill this out if they want to find someone to play a game with, or someone to study with online?

Of course! Or parents may on their kids’ behalf.

What should I do if I have a need unrelated to the Shelter in Place? For example, recovering from surgery.

In this case, please contact the Chesed Committee as per usual, Chesed@kehillasynagogue.org

What do I do once my need is met? 

If you anticipate having an ongoing need – for example, you will need groceries about once a week- please leave your name up so volunteers can check in. If you had a one time need which was taken care of, feel free to remove your name or cross it out. 

I have an idea for another way to connect or help each other. Who should I contact?

Please contact Rachel Bloch and allow 2 days for non-urgent matters.

I am new to Zoom – can anyone help me?

Yes! We will organize a session to help anyone who needs some extra support to get comfortable with Zoom. There is now a tab on the Social Mutual Aid to indicate interest.

I’m not comfortable putting my contact info online. Can I still receive or offer help?

Yes! We understand your concern. Please contact Rachel Bloch directly.