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Save the Date: Sanctuary Shabbat Morning Service Followed by Lunch and Community Conversation

Sanctuary Shabbat: Morning Service Followed by Lunch and Community Conversation ~ Cosponsored by Kehilla’s Economic Justice Committee for Affordable Housing Week

May 12th 10am-3:30pm

Kehilla has been a sanctuary synagogue since the 1980’s. In November of 2016 the Kehilla Board passed a resolution reaffirming this commitment. Kehilla members have been deeply involved in the many aspects of sanctuary work outlined in the resolution. However, one action item was left to consider more fully: to explore the feasibility of offering Kehilla’s space as a physical sanctuary for people facing deportation or as a temporary shelter for families that our accompaniment teams are assisting.

The Kehilla Immigration Committee, Spiritual Leaders and Board have been researching and discussing this option for over a year—and we now invite the congregation to join us in a day of learning and discussion of this topic.  The morning will begin with a Shabbat service on the theme of sanctuary.  After lunch there will be information sessions, listening circles and Q&A—including inspiring guest speakers both morning and afternoon. Childcare and programming will be available throughout the day.

And specifically for Kehilla School parents! The Kehilla Immigration Committee will hold information sessions on sanctuary on May 10th from 4pm-4:30pm and 5:30pm-6pm.

Answers to frequently asked questions about sanctuary and more information on the May 12th event and Kehilla’s exploration of sanctuary will be available in the May Kol Kehilla.  We encourage everyone to read the materials and join us for a truly exciting day.  There will be additional opportunities throughout May to ask for more clarifications and to find out how to get involved.  For any outstanding questions contact:


For news on congregations that have recently declared sanctuary:

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