Playshops from 1:30 – 2:45

“Can I be an agnostic and still be spiritual?”  with Rabbi Burt

Many of the greatest mystics, including the Ba’al Shem Tov, testified that their deepest experiences led them past all concepts of “God” into a mysterious realm of not knowing. Rabbi Burt will share texts from both Jewish and other religious sources to enable participants to discover a non-theistic spirituality.

Rhythm and Jews with Debbie

Come enjoy the playfulness and deep power of the drum out in the beauty of nature. On Shabbat afternoon, sitting under the redwoods, we will clap, snap and drum together. If you have a drum, bring it. I will bring a variety of drums and percussion for folks to use. Everyone welcome! Come play!

Families especially welcome.

Makin’ Art Together with Malka Stover-Kemp

First Malka will inspire us with a story and then we will create a community canvas that reflects the story, the meadow and our own special contributions.  Great for families to do together. It will be FUN!

Playshops from 3:15 – 4:30

Movement, Art, Trees and Torah with Julie Emden

Enter into Shabbat with an embodied practice of gentle movement, dance, and art- creating messy drawings with oil pastels -with the trees of the meadow serving as our muse.   Not intended for those who like to sit still!  Families welcome!

Fun Tunes with Hazzan Shulamit

Join our beloved Hazzan who knows more melodies and songs that any songbird in the meadow. She’ll choose some familiar and some new and perhaps we’ll even share what we learn at the Kehilla’s Got Talent Show later on. We’ll finish up with a reprise of Kehilla’s own Adon-Olam (to-any-melody-you-can-think-of) Sing-Off!

Spiritual Practice to Keep Our Justice Juice Flowing in Troubling Times with Rabbi Dev

If anybody can navigate us towards taking important steps of social action by a deeply felt exploration of our spiritual bases, it’s our own Rabbi Dev. Come prepared to relax and breath and be renewed – and inspired.

Music 4:30-Dinner

Klezmer Jam Session

Got instrument? Join an open klezmer jam–reading or faking some tunes in the hour or so before dinner. Maybe re-appearing at the talent show… ?!


Join Rabbi David for lunch for his ever-popular Rabbi David: Off the Top of His Head. Just look for his table and tap in for a fascinating conversation.