During our COVID masking policy survey, which was sent to all Kehilla congregants in April, we asked you to share your thoughts on the impact of our current policy and on how you would be affected if we change the policy.  Below you will find graphs sharing details of our findings. 

We had 242 responses, and here are some key findings:

  • 96% of those who filled out the survey are local.
  • 53% would prefer that we stay with our current indoor masking requirement. 29% would like us to make indoor masking optional. An additional 17% don’t have a preference. 
  • When asked the impact of Kehilla going mask optional, 
    • 23% said they will be less likely to come
    • 11% said they are more likely to come
    • 22% said they have to wait and see where COVID transmission rates are over time
    • 38% said they are equally likely to attend in person as the masking policy is not the deciding factor
  • There are substantial differences in opinions, preferences and needs among those that responded, and this issue is clearly important to many.

As we shared when we sent out the survey, we will continue to require that masks be worn at indoor Kehilla services and events. We will revisit our masking policy in three months and assess whether conditions are different enough to warrant a change, as we continue to hold our most high-risk congregants at the center of our commitment to belonging and welcome.

We know that living within a diverse community requires adaptation and cooperation and we appreciate your commitment to supporting our community.


I. Location of Survey Respondents

II. Current Relationship with Attending Kehilla Events

III. Current Frequency of Attending Kehilla Events

IV. Comfort Attending Kehilla’s Shabbat Services In-Person

IV. Mask-Optional Hypothetical