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Resources: Folks With White Privilege Affinity Group


From Dvora Gordon :

Shakti Butler from World Trust (local Oakland) make great films on racism

A volunteer opportunity: Aurora Levins-Morales and R. Dev are doing a project called Rimonim. This project supports a Jewish woman of color and is geared toward Jews of color in general.  It is also about writing prayer/songs…etc specifically for Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews.


From Daniel Buford (through Merle Lustig):

Here’s a book suggested by Daniel Buford: Deep Denial by David Billings:


From Leanne Grossman

A White Supremacy 28-day challenge created as a workbook by Layla F. Saad, a black woman who lives in Oman. The book is designed in particular for people who think they are doing good and are anti-racist but actually still practice many racist behaviors such as white fragility, white exceptionalism, white centering, white silence, white apathy, tone-policing, white superiority and more.


From Susan Freundlich:

Book: Citizen, an American Lyric by Claudia Rankine




From Anita Goldstein:



From Ash Lynette:

Ash Lynette is from Bend the Arc and invites us all to their Open Space for Anti-Racism, where they hold conversations for Jews to develop anti-racist practices to better respond when we see racism play out in our communities.  These meetings happen on the first Thursday of every month, 7-9pm in Oakland (right off of the 12th st Bart station).   Email to or call Bend the Arc for address.


From Susan Freundlich:

from At On Being Studios

1 – Eula Biss
“Let’s Talk About Whiteness”    This conversation was inspired by Eula Biss’s stunning New York Times essay “White Debt,” which had this metaphor at its core: “The state of white life is that we’re living in a house we believe we own but that we’ve never paid off.” She spoke with us in 2016, and we aired this last year, but we might just put this conversation out every year, as we’re all novices on this territory.

2 – Here are three essays that help open conversations about whiteness:  “What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege” by Lori Lakin Hutcherson
We can begin to understand each other by asking the right questions — and listening to the stories we receive in turn. Lori Lakin Hutchinson sheds frank and essential light on the reality of racism in America.

“Transforming White Fragility Into Courageous Imperfection” by Courtney E. Martin
A passionate, grounded plea to recognize white privilege and the gut level pushback — the “white fragility” — that happens when talking about race.

“Owning Up to My Toxic Biases” by Parker J. Palmer
Parker turns a critical eye to his own convictions about race and white privilege. He finds there’s always room to face our hubris — and in that humbling experience, we find hope to do better the next time around.

4 – The Way of Tenderness  a book by    Zenju Earthlyn Manuel   Awakening through Race, Sexuality, and Gender

5 –  has a jewish series

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