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Request for Photos of Rabbi Burt

If you have any old photos of Rabbi Burt, please let us know, because we need some for a Kehilla History Wall we are creating.

The Details:

1) We will look at any dates, so don’t hesitate to run any by us. We need them ASAP — within 10 days (i.e. by August 10) would be most appreciated! If the images have other people in them, we can crop them out.

2) Prints and/or digital photos might be okay.

3) If you have prints and digital photos of the same image, we would like to look at them both.

4) If you have digital photos, no need to print them out.

5) If you only have prints, no need to scan them.

6) If you have digital photos and you have a choice as to dimensions and/or dpi, we need them at the largest/highest settings.

Thank you so much. We will pick up any you can’t email.

Best wishes,

Dvora Gordon, Bracha (Betty) Stone, Norma Mark

Please call Norma Mark at 510-843-6082 if you can help us. If you can email them, please email



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