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Purchase Graves in Mt. View Cemetery in Oakland

The view of the cemetery, the city, the bay and the Golden Gate from Kehilla’s intended burial site in Mountain View Cemetery is spectacular. It will be a peaceful and beautiful site to remember our loved ones, and for our loved ones to remember us.

Kehilla’s cemetery committee has spent two years exploring different sites and, more recently, negotiating for good prices. Kehilla now needs to line up purchases of at least 30 of 49 plots available at the Mountain View site.
If we do, the 49 plot area would be consecrated a Jewish burial ground. Mountain View, unlike the green Jewish site Kehilla helped to establish in Marin County, is conventional burial.

Consider visiting the Mt. View Cemetery at the far end of Piedmont Avenue, and seeing for yourself. Leaving Kehilla, take a right on Grand Avenue, and another right on Piedmont Avenue, which ends at the cemetery, just a few minutes away. Go to the cemetery’s office, and take a map, which can help you find Plot 70 where Kehilla’s graves would be. (Even with a map, finding it can be difficult, so it’s best to go with someone who has been there.)

To follow through on the fine work done by the cemetery committee, Kehilla needs to line up at least 30 burial plot purchases by the end of June. So far, Kehilla has 22 commitments.

Individual plots vary by price and position.  Jane and Cathy are keeping track of requests, which will be honored on a first-come first-served basis.

So, for your own good and for that of our community, please don’t tarry. If you are interested, take a look now!

For more information, please contact Jane Hoberman (home: 510-843-6047; cell: 510-333-1848; or Cathy Steirn (510-289-2363; or Jay Koch (510-268-0616;

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