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Privacy Policy

The Kehilla website does not use cookies, track, or store your personal information (the person who edits this page does, however, eat cookies ). 

If you provide information to Kehilla via the website, the information you enter will be used by Kehilla staff and Kehilla members only for direct communications between Kehilla and you for the identified purposes only. It will not and may not be used, transmitted, reviewed, sold or borrowed for any other purposes by any other person or entity. Please note that this includes the Kehilla roster data. You can opt out of having your information included in Kehilla’s Member Roster, which is available only to members, here.

If you opt in, your use of the roster is subject to the aforementioned restrictions. All data entered via the Kehilla website is securely transmitted and securely stored in a number of other systems. You can review the data and security practices of those services by using the following links:

[the links will be added in the next few days]



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