Celebrate, meditate, pray, dance, learn, laugh, cry, reflect, interact and share. These and so many other activities are part of what we do in Kehilla as we observe, commemorate, worship, mourn and rejoice. In our participatory Shabbat and Holiday celebrations, we create a safe and sacred space for everyone to bring their authentic selves. We have designed our services for ourselves so that each of us can participate with our spirits, voices, hearts and minds – our full being. For some of us our spirituality is a sense of connectedness to God, for others, it is a connectedness that defies definition and theology. And yet, together, we draw from our Jewish traditions and weave our spirituality, social consciousness and environmental awareness into our worship and celebrations.

Kehilla offers joyous, inclusive Jewish renewal services in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is known as a progressive, spiritual and socially active East Bay synagogue. ”

Open to all voices

In Kehilla, we do not require that people ascribe to any specific theological doctrine. It is an especially user-friendly atmosphere for people to experience their spirituality in the context of a caring community. We invite you to learn more.

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In this section you can read about our spiritual, service and musical prayer leaders, find out more about our services and celebrations, and experience some of the music of Kehilla. Use the links on the right to explore.

The best way to find out about Kehilla is to experience it.

Check the calendar for dates and times of services, celebrations, holidays and special events. We look forward to having you!