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Please Contribute to an Appreciation Book for Kehilla’s Lead Custodian Josef Straub Who is Retiring!

Josef Straub, our lead custodian, is retiring on April 12, his 65th birthday, after 16 years of dedicated service to the Kehilla community. Sadly we’ve had to cancel his retirement celebration on April 3, so we’ve decided to show him another way how much we appreciate him and his care for the Kehilla building and this community.

We are putting together for Josef a special appreciation book that includes digital cards, photos, memories, blessings, poems, art, messages or whatever you are inspired to contribute that communicates our love, support and well wishes. Please send all messages and photos in a digital format (this can include taking a photo of a handwritten card), and email them to Dee no later than Friday, April 10.

Please also share this request with your friends and chavurah members since in some cases, we have older emails so need your help making sure we reach everyone. We have been blessed to have Josef these many years and are sure he will appreciate your well wishes!

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