Planning a Kehilla Event? Here’s Your Checklist:

  1. Basic Logistics
    1. Reserve a space by completing this Room Reservation Form as early as possible (at least 1 month prior).
      • Please note that Kehilla cannot host non-religious events after 7pm on Sundays, and events on Mondays-Saturdays must be over by 10pm (based on our City of Piedmont Conditional Use permit).
    2. Once your event is confirmed all room setup AND any sound setup needs must be submitted  one week in advance of your event.
      • If sound equipment is required, please make sure to have a Kehilla-approved sound tech confirmed in advance (you can obtain a list of approved techs).
      • Please include accessibility needs in your setup plan.
    3. Make sure you have a cleanup crew. Spaces should be left as clean as they were found.
      1. Please note that if the kitchen is used, all equipment used needs to be dried and put away at the end of the night.
  2. Publicity
    1. If you would like your event posted on the Kehilla website calendar, send Dee a concise blurb of your event w/the date, time, cost, event description and any necessary event links. (Only for Kehilla Sponsored or Co-sponsored events).
    2. You can also submit the event details to be published in the weekly here, and/or in the Kol Kehilla (monthly newsletter) here.
    3. You can post your event to the Kehilla Facebook Group and Facebook Page.
    4. If your event is a social justice event, Piedmont city council might help get the word out. Email for more info.

Other things to consider:

  • All event promotion materials must mention Kehilla is a scent-free space and ask attendees to attend scent-free.
    • You can read more about what that means here.
  • If your event involves the kitchen (with significant cooking), please include this in your original request.
    • NOTE: Kehilla has kashrut and eco-kashrut policies and we ask that all events adhere to this, particularly in regards to: no meat or shellfish allowed on-site, and recycle all paper waste as well as cans and bottles.
    • all events at Kehilla need to use compostable dishware/silverware/cups/napkins. Kehilla can supply these for a cost or you can bring your own.
  • What are going to be the accessibility needs at your event?
  • If you will be taking photos at the event, you can print and hang this sign, or ask for it w/the final setup arrangements.
  • If your event is using WiFi, please remember to get the password with your final arrangements.

Kehilla is blessed with a community that has A LOT going on.
Taking full responsibility for proper preparation and full cleanup of your event means that we get to do more things, more frequently, and better! Thank you for making it happen with us 🙂