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Piedmont City Council Approves Sanctuary Resolution

by Julie Litwin

Several Kehilla members were present at the Piedmont City Council meeting on June 4th to witness the unanimous vote of the council in favor of a resolution declaring Piedmont to be a sanctuary city. The issue was hotly debated prior to the council meeting, generating numerous letters and calls to the council. Kehilla members joined the effort to mobilize supporters in Piedmont, and we were able to assist by sharing helpful information with those writing emails or planning to speak at the meeting. Rabbi Dev represented Kehilla at the city council meeting and spoke eloquently in favor of the resolution. Although Piedmont’s current policies already conform to what is required by the California Values Act (SB54) and will remain unchanged by the resolution, the public declaration of sanctuary sends an important message of caring and inclusivity to those who live or work in Piedmont. By passing this resolution, Piedmont joins the other six municipalities in California’s 13th congressional district that have already enacted sanctuary policies. Kehilla is thrilled to be a part of a new sanctuary city!

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