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What to Bring to the Retreat 2019


  • Food
    • For Friday night potluck: you can either bring a salad/side dish or pay for pizza through the registration form.
    • Do NOT bring any other food, as the raccoons will come looking for the tiniest bit of it at night
  • Tent (or waterproof ground cover if you want to sleep under the stars)
  • Wagons!! Or anything you have with wheels to schlepp things / help others do the same
  • Sleeping bag or warm comforters/blankets/pillow/pad
  • Clothes, toiletries, favorite teddy bear, etc.
  • Note that your camping registration includes a warm breakfast! So no need to bring your own cooking gear. You may want to bring some snacks; if so, please note that racoons and other critters come out at night and you will need to store any food you bring in your car or other sealed container.

Camping questions? Ask Anna Martin

FOR ALL ITEMS, please label your belongings, so we can make sure everything returns home safe and sound!



  • Reusable Water bottles (one per person, we can refill them on site)
  • Easy to set up shade to share/umbrellas
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Folding chairs, cushions, anything to make you comfortable (to supplement the seating we truck in)
  • Flashlights staying past dusk
  • Clothing for hot and cool—mornings & evenings can be foggy, especially if you stay for the campfire. Typically Bort Meadow gets less fog and a little more sun and warmth than the Oakland side of the hills.
  • Bug repellant (please select one with low environmental impact, and apply somewhere away from the center of camp!)
  • Note: Phone reception in the meadow is undependable. Coverage seems okay in the upper parking lot before the gate, but consistent cell phone reception cannot be expected.
  • We request that you do NOT bring alcohol or dogs. They are not allowed in the park. Thank you!
  • There are various rules about where to park your car (drop off spots versus long-term parking), so please be alert for the signs, and thanks in advance for your gracious compliance!
  • FOR ALL ITEMS, please label your belongings, so we can make sure everything returns home safe and sound!



  • Special props, instruments, or costumes you might want for the talent show!
  • Your own utensils for meals (we’ll bring compostables but if you want to bring re-useables we encourage you to)
  • Cameras
  • Games and cards
  • Long pants to avoid poison oak, if venturing into the bushes at the edges of the site.

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