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Open Your Sukkah!

Sukkah-2014Have a sukkah gathering/party at your place with Kehilla folks!

OPEN SUKKAH NIGHTS is a program we have enjoyed over the years. Simply put together a sukkah in your yard, if you have one, and choose one or more of the evenings below to have any Kehilla people come over for a potluck at a time of your specification.  Let the Kehilla office know that you want an open sukkah night at your house on a specific date at a starting time you specify.  You can email Sasha at
In our Kehilla email we will list all the open sukkah dates and locations and times.

[When available and if desired, a Kehilla service leader could be there to help conduct the very minimal ritual aspects of a sukkah gathering – but no specific ritual is required.]

The nights when Open Sukkot are needed:
September 27th (Sunday), September 28th (Monday), September 29th (Tuesday), September 30th (Wednesday)
October 1st (Thursday), October 3rd (Saturday)

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