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Open Minds, Open Hearts: Exploring Class Dynamics in Our Kehilla Community

**Calling all Kehilla members!**

You are all invited to participate in a FREE experiential workshop entitled: OPEN MINDS, OPEN HEARTS: EXPLORING CLASS DYNAMICS IN OUR KEHILLA COMMUNITY, on Sunday, October 7, 2018, from 1-5 PM. The workshop will be facilitated by Kehilla member Penny Rosenwasser and members of the Kehilla Working Class/Low Income Group.

Class issues can exist within all of our relationships, whether they are acknowledged or not. They can silently divide us, for example, as in the case of synagogue members dealing with dues and Hebrew School payments, etc. Members who cannot afford payments can feel shame and invisibility, and congregants with access to more money may not know how to reach out to those with less.

Let’s reach across the divides that may be separating us, build bridges, and connect more deeply to one another.
Likewise, we will also focus on making our wonderful Kehilla community an even more thoughtful, inclusive home for us all!

Please join us for this special opportunity to get to know your fellow congregants (and quite possibly yourself!) on a deeper level, while we also gain understanding and compassion as we learn about our differences and similarities, and the ways that we have all been influenced by society’s concepts of Jews, money, and power.

We will take time to notice the gifts we have all received from our class backgrounds, and how we can utilize this awareness in Kehilla and the wider community. We will recognize the value we ALL bring to the table, regardless of and because of our class backgrounds and current class statuses.

To RSVP for the workshop, click here.


For Kehilla middle/upper class members who would like to help with this workshop, please contact Sheella Mierson, who is coordinating tasks for before and for the day of the workshop. – 510-236-2284.

Kehilla members who come from working class/low income backgrounds, or who are currently working class/low income, are welcome to join the Kehilla Working Class/Low Income Group, and to help plan the workshop.
Interested people can contact Maya Joshua at

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