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On Hurricane Sandy: Thoughts and Actions from Rabbi David

Ecologist and social critic Bill McKibben has written clearly and effectively about why we need to understand the damage of the hurricane which hit the East Coast as the product of human decision-making and how we need to be active on the issue of global climate change.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE>

Several activists have also pointed out that often the most vulnerable people economically on the planet and nationally are also the most vulnerable in regard to the effects of global climate change and other disasters. There is a serious social justice dimension to these disasters. Consider how Haiti has been heavily damaged during both the earthquake and hurricane Sandy.  Consider how more dangerous facilities are placed in poorer neighborhoods.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow and, (a global movement to solve the climate crisis) encourage people to help the most vulnerable right now through the Red Cross.  YOU CAN DONATE HERE

For more on, see

As I see other ways to donate and to consider these issues, I will post them to the Kehilla membership and other folks reading our Kehilla material.

~Rabbi David


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