Oakland Community Organizations Recommendations on CA, Alameda County, and City of Oakland issues


NumberTitle or focusContentOCO endorsement
State Propositions
55Tax extensionExtends the temporary personal income tax on incomes over $250,000 to fund education and health care (Prop 30 extension)


56Tobacco taxIncreases the cigarette tax to $2 / packSupport


57Public Safety & Rehabilitation ActIncreases parole chances for felons convicted of non-violent crimes and provides more opportunities to earn credits for good behavior


62Death PenaltyRepeals the death penalty in CA


64Adult Use of Marijuana ActLegalizes adults’ growing, possessing, and using marijuana for nonmedical purposes, with certain restrictions; establishes regulatory system for legal market.


Alameda County Measures
AAffordable Housing bond (property tax)Funding for a variety of approaches to promote affordable housing


Oakland City and School District Measures
JJProtect Oakland Renters ActStrengthen tenants’ rights by requiring owners to petition through the Rent Board for rent increases above annual CPI, extending just cause eviction protections to buildings built through 1995, and increasing Rent Board transparency and accountability


LLForm civilian oversight commission of police departmentPromotes civilian oversight of police department


KKInfrastructure improvements bond (property tax)Funding for a variety of improvements to streets, sidewalks, public buildings, and some funds for affordable housing


HHTax distributors of sugar-sweetened beveragesPromotes public health by raising price of sugar-sweetened beverages


G1Oakland Unified School District  bond (parcel tax)Funds educator salary increases and middle school improvements (as of last draft seen)No vote (yet)

* Kehilla recommends a yes vote on Prop. 62 and a no vote on Prop 66 (which would speed-up executions).  See accompanying article, “Competing Death Penalty Initiatives on November Ballot.


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