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New Chavurot Forming!


The Spiritual Life Practices Committee (SLPC) sponsored a Chavurah Shabbat Meet and Greet on Nov. 22nd  at Kehilla to encourage deeper engagement with the Kehilla community. Forty-five adults and ten children shared yummy food, sweet table service, and lovely conversations. 

We hope this announcement will encourage  those attending that Friday night and everyone else who is interested in creating a small group chavurah with folks who share common interests to take the next step toward that end.  

It just takes setting a date, inviting people, gathering, and enjoying what you all decide you’d like to do! The SLPC at is available to offer guidance if desired. 

Here are some ideas of what could/will happen next:

Potluck Dinner after the 2nd Friday night Rad Trad Kab Shab (Radically Inclusive, Liturgically Traditional, Kabbalat Shabbat)—meet in Kehilla Social Hall at 7:30 after services. (You are welcome at dinner  even if you didn’t go to the service earlier.) 

Ann Finkelstein will coordinate our first such gathering on Feb. 28th so mark your calendars and bring a veggie potluck dish. This is a perfect time to connect while lingering in the sweetness of Shabbat. If you’d like to coordinate a potluck in the future, check with for support.

Once a month before the 1st or 3rd Friday Kabbalat Shabbat Service—meet in the Kehilla Social Hall for a potluck dinner around 6pm before services start at 7:30. This is a great time to meet up with new friends to greet Shabbat together. If you’d like to coordinate the first one, check with for support.

Once a month gathering off-site.

Bring the chavurah spirit home! Set a date for a gathering, determine a place, and get together for Shabbat or another time. Potential participants could discuss the content they are interested in. Prayers and songs? Friendly conversation? Discuss the parsha for the week? Board games? Friday night dinner? Saturday evening havdalah? Sunday morning brunch?

Virtual Shabbat—off-site and in real-time.

Crave community but unable to make it to services or gatherings in person?  Shabbat morning in Hawaii, midday in California and Havdalah in Puerto Rico — all at the same time — is an amazing idea whose time has come! Interested in virtual Shabbat? Contact Aurora Levins Morales,, who has relocated to Puerto Rico. She is still setting up house, so there might be a pause before you get a reply. 

Do you have another idea for gathering on Shabbat?  Go for it! Or contact us for support.

Finally, if you want to be added to the spreadsheet of folks interested in finding ways to gather in a chavurah or if you have any questions or concerns, contact us at

Much love, 

Bracha Stone for The Spiritual Life Practices Committee

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