Ad Hoc Committee

The Ad Hoc Committee has been formed to take on the responsibility (formerly executed by the now-defunct Tikkun Olam Coordinating Committee) of reviewing requests for Kehilla to endorse and/or support outside tikkun olam activities, projects or organizations. The Ad Hoc Committee will use the existing Kehilla policy/procedure for reviewing these requests and making recommendations to the Board.

Anyone seeking Kehilla endorsement of an outside tikkun olam activity or who has questions about the policy/procedure should contact the Ad Hoc Committee at

Anti-Death Penalty Action Group

The Anti-Death Penalty Action Group doesn’t hold meetings, but you can get on our email list to be informed about upcoming events, vigils, and news by emailing Beth at Activities have included lobbying and petitioning, education, representation at conferences, hearings and rallies. The Kehilla Resolution Against the Death Penalty was adopted in 2000.

Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming events.

Committee Against Abuse

The Committee Against Abuse developed protocols to guide Kehilla in responding to domestic abuse within our community, and working with Shalom Bayit conducts healing services and regular trainings for the Kehilla staff. Click here to download Kehilla’s Guidelines on the Prevention of and Response to Abuse.

A Message from the Kehilla Committee Against Abuse

Dear Kehilla community,
Do you know someone struggling in a difficult relationship? The Kehilla Committee Against Abuse wants you to know that Shalom Bayit and the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center are here to help.

Shalom Bayit and the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center are here to help. New support groups are forming in San Francisco and the East Bay for women coping with abusive or controlling relationships, past or present. Refer a friend today and know that they will be held in a caring community of Jewish spiritual support.

You can make an immediate difference in someone’s life today with one phone call. Domestic violence happens to 1 in 4 Jewish women— but sadly remains a well kept family secret. If you can help break the silence, or if you think someone in your life might benefit from this support, do a mitzvah today and encourage them to take control of their life by calling (866) SHALOM-7 toll-free for help [1-866-742-5667].They’ll get free and completely confidential spiritual support, counseling, and resources — over the phone or in person.

Everyone deserves healthy relationships. If we each spread this message to one person today, we’ll spread true shalom bayit — peace in the home — to families everywhere. Thank you.
SF support group made possible by the Jewish Community Endowment Newhouse Fund, Mount Zion Health Fund and the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties. Co-sponsored by San Francisco synagogues. ( Click here for full list.) East Bay support groups made possible by the Civic Foundation and a joint grant from the Jewish Community Foundation and Jewish Community Federation of the East Bay.

LGBTQI Welcoming Committee

Kehilla’s LGBTQI and A Welcoming Committee is currently taking a break, and is not meeting. You can view a list of resources and learn more about our history below.

The committee has enhanced our community’s LGBTQI and A (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Allies) welcome, visibility and inclusion. Examples of our work include hanging the rainbow flag at the Kehilla entrance, bringing a Kehilla booth to Oakland Pride Day, offering adult education classes such as “Queering Jewish Texts” with Rabbi Dev Noily, and integrating LGBTQI content and ally building into our Kehilla school curriculum.

As interests re-arises from the congregation we can begin again. If you have ideas, suggestions, or are interested, please contact Lynn Bravewomon, Co-Chair at


Rebuilding Together

Formerly known as Sukkot in April, Rebuilding Together brings together volunteers from congregations, civic groups, and businesses to assist with home repairs and improvements for low-income households. For more than ten years, Kehilla has joined forces with Temple Beth Abraham and other local congregations to work with homeowners throughout the Oakland community. After volunteering with Kehilla in 2004, Alex Madonik took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator for Kehilla’s Rebuilding Together project in 2005. For more information, contact Alex at   LEARN ABOUT OUR MOST RECENT PROJECT HERE