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Middle East Peace Committee

Our mission is to provide the Kehilla community with opportunities to increase their understanding of the Israel-Palestine situation. Our mandate is to do this always under the umbrella of deep listening, with respect and honor for both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, and within the framework of respect for the dignity and rights of all the people of Israel/Palestine. Kehilla’sStatement of Values on Israel/Palestine, was approved by the Congregation in 2016 after extensive input was sought in various ways from members. In May of 2021, the Middle East Peace Committee recommended these Resources and Actions as part of a listening event that was organized by the Kehilla leadership during a surge in Israeli assaults on Gaza.

The document Brit Shalom Final Covenant of Peace was adopted by Kehilla in 2003.

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  • Hineinu: A New Sustained Solidarity Project“When you tell us that CJNV is returning next year, it makes me very happy because it shows you trust me. I don’t need people to come for just one year, we want a relationship that continues.”
    – Awdah, Umm al-Khair
    The Center for Jewish Nonviolence (CJNV) is piloting Hineinu, a new solidarity project that will bring …>>
  • Middle East Peace Committee News: A New Collaborationby Nikki Sachs, MEPC member

      The Middle East Peace Committee (MEPC) at Kehilla Community Synagogue, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence.  Let me tell you about this creative and exciting organization.
    The CJNV’s mission is to bring diaspora Jews to Israel/Palestine to “engage in creative nonviolent activism in the …>>
  • How Was The Values Statement Developed?   by Rabbi David J. Cooper
    The Kehilla Statement of Values on Israel/ Palestine  was passed by the Kehilla Board of Trustees in September. That Board resolution was only the last stage of a long process.
    It was in the making for several years and has involved many educational gatherings, surveys of the community, open meetings to …>>

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