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Membership Renewal Letter from Rabbi David

June 2014

Dear Fellow-Kehilla folk,

I am writing this note because even with all of Kehilla’s incredible programming, our services, our social action and other activities, I have become concerned about our being able to sustain our Kehilla programs in the coming year and years. I haven’t been this concerned since the time we were able to overcome problems in our funding that resulted in part from the 2008 economic crisis. Our collective response to that situation was largely successful because we all participated in helping out. I am hopeful that we can do that again, and even better.

 If, as congregants, we are unaware of the problems we are facing, we are likely to be complacent—as I have been for a while—and just expect that everything is going along okay.

 And there is good reason to be under this impression, because our programming has never been so good or diverse as it is right now — reaching to every age group and enhancing everything from our spirituality to our self-education, social action, and the beauty and utility of our facilities. Our morale is high; our congregation is an important center within Jewish and progressive circles. Kehilla is a happening place and new members tell me they are glad they joined up.

 So, you wouldn’t necessarily know that we are having some troubles. I expect that some of our programming will be cut back and other expense-cutting is likely to happen, but I would really like to minimize this economizing—and maybe even provide ourselves fuller funding—if each of us takes what we are paying now in dues and raises it on average by 5% to 10%. [If you were a new member last year, please consider pledging as generously as you can this year.] If we can do this, then we will be much better situated, not only to function well, but to continue to build our programming, especially for all the younger members of our community, who are its future.

I am very grateful to our Board members and staff for all of their efforts to get a handle on where we are financially, and what we need to aim for as a committed community.


Rabbi David

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