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Members in the Wider Community

We love to hear about what Kehilla members are doing in the wider community!  If you would like us to post an announcement about you or someone you know, please email with your information.


Sheella Mierson will be giving a presentation on sociocracy in February. This is a wonderful chance to learn about a ground-breaking approach to running organizations.

Speaker presentation at Point Richmond Business Association luncheon
How to Include Everyone’s Voice and Still Be Efficient – Sociocracy
Wednesday, February 24, 2016, Richmond, CA

Sheella Mierson will be teaching a class at the ALEPH Kallah in Fort Collins, CO, July 11-17, 2016.  The title is “Introduction to Sociocracy: Become More Effective — and Joyful — Together.” In addition, she was interviewed for an article that appeared Dec 18: US Employee Engagement a Mere 32%, But The Sociocracy Consulting Group Finds It Can Be Raised. The method described in the article will be the subject of her Kallah class.


Sandra Razieli, Kehilla’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Director and Spiritual Leader is participating in a month long yogathon to raise money to support Mind Body Solutions, a non-profit organization that brings yoga to people who have experienced trauma, loss and disability.  MBS is also making great strides in bringing mind/body awareness practices to healthcare practitioners and their patients. You can Sandra’s efforts and find more information here:


A Message from Kehilla Spiritual Leader Emerita Rabbi Chaya Gusfield.  Kehilla member Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman and I would like to announce our new writing project called Torah/Life Writings.  During Sukkot we began to study from a variety of texts -Torah, siddur, psalms and others – to use these sacred writings as prompts and inspiration for our own creative writing. We are very excited about the process and the results.  Please see what we have written and continue to write.  Feel free to follow either or both of us or just visit from time to time.  (Each blog has a link to the other.)

My Torah/Life Writings page on my blog is:

(There are other categories of writings such as Chaplain Reflections, Kaddish Musings, Grief Writings, etc.)

Shifrah’s blog is:

(Other categories so far include information on Shifrah’s collection of poetic meditations for counting the Omer and for contemplating the days leading up to the yamim noraim. Watch for additional writings to be posted in the coming weeks.)


Layout 1DATE NIGHT AT PET EMERGENCY, a one-woman show starring Kehilla member Lisa Rothman.  WHERE: The Berkeley Marsh, 2120 Allston Way near Shattuck Avenue. WHEN: Every Saturday at 5 p.m. now extended through March 26.  TICKETS: $20–35 sliding scale. Bring some friends, see the show, enjoy a Mom’s Night Out cocktail and get home in time to put the kids to bed.  Learn more & purchase tickets here or at the door.
Word of mouth will ensure the success of this run. If you’ve already seen the show and enjoyed it, please forward this email far and wide with a personalized message. As my colleague Annette Roman says, “You don’t need to be a parent, an animal lover, or in a relationship to love it!”


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