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Meal Delivery for Seniors at Risk of Covid-19

Please note that there are currently two different meal delivery programs available to seniors who are impacted by COVID-19. They are not to be confused with each other and each is described below:


Great Plates delivers free restaurant meals for adults age 65 and older or adults age 60-64 who are at high risk of COVID-19 as defined by the CDC who are unable to access meals and are not being helped by other nutrition programs. There are a number of eligibility requirements that are quite liberal but may differ by county. Also, the benefits may differ.

For more information for each area:

Oakland Residents: the Oakland Great Plates program provides a maximum of four meals per day (two lunches and two dinners) per participant, three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), for a total of 12 meals per week. They aim to cover lunch and dinner needs Monday through Saturday. Each applicant in a household needs to fill out a separate application. (Limit of two per household.)

Apply here. For more information regarding Oakland Great Plates, click here or email or call (510) 238-FOOD

Alameda County residents other than Oakland:
Apply here or call (925) 803-7943

Contra Costa County residents: call (925) 229-8434

San Francisco residents: call (415) 355-6700

The HELP BERKELEY program (for Berkeley, Albany and Kensington):

Help Berkeley is a volunteer program that delivers meals for those over 60, in self-isolation, quarantined or sick at home. This project was organized to support local restaurants as well as seniors. Participation is not income based but is only for residents of Berkeley, Albany or Kensington.

There are currently 8 good restaurants participating with each providing a choice of regular or vegetarian meals with the restaurants choosing the menu for each day. Each “ration” consists of two different meals, enough for dinner and the following lunch that cost only $10. You can order every day or only occasionally––the choice is yours.

When registering online be sure to check the box for “need meals.” You will get an email response from a volunteer the next day who will designate you a “consumer” and give you information for your first order. You order by calling the participating restaurant of your choice, informing them that you would like to order HelpBerkeley rations, and providing your credit card before 5pm any day for delivery around 6pm the following day. A volunteer will deliver the meal to your doorstep the next evening without any physical contact.

Help Berkeley contact information:

The Chesed Coordinating Committee
General questions can be addressed to:

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