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Living Room Conversations

by Steven Falk

How can we narrow the  widening divide in our country, and among neighborhoods?

Over a year ago I learned about LIVING ROOM CONVERSATIONS. This organization came from the founder of Move-On about 5 years ago. Simply put, it is a tool for conducting straight forward conversations using safety guidelines to foster deep listening. There are guides already created for a variety of controversial topics with pertinent questions. To do a Living Room Conversation one just has to gather a group or groups of 4-6 folks who may well have differing opinions about a chosen topic. Guests must agree to sit down respectfully to listen and respond to the questions. These conversations are about gaining a deeper understanding of where someone who feels differently about a topic. Through the pertinent questions and respectful design of the conversation we learn greater empathy and compassion for another.

Please check out the website

Plans are in process to utilize LRC to talk with other congregations, locally and around the country using the video conferencing App: ZOOM.

Have any of you engaged with LRC? Or are you curious to do so? Please feel free to contact me by email to explore further engagement.

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