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Listen to new music for Shabbat, Holidays, Protests and more!

Listen to new music for Shabbat, Holidays, protests and gems to tuck into your own spiritual toolbox! At each Kehilla Sings gathering, we enjoy a delightful evening of deep listening, singing, and connecting.

Here’s the most up to date song sheet for our next gathering: Kehilla Sings! Songsheet 5-3-21

The numbers before each prayer below refer to the Kehilla Sings! Song sheet listed above, in which you will typically find the Hebrew, transliteration, English translation and additional attributions for each prayer. Also, by “googling” the composer and prayer name, you will often find or links to hearing the original artist with beautiful instrumentation and harmonies, plus access to more of their amazing contributions to Jewish music.

#1 Higale Na, music by R. Shir Yakov Feit

#2 Healing Prayer, music by Kestrel Feiner-Homer

#4 When You Walk Thru the Water, music by H. Jessi Roemer

#8 Min Hameyztar, music by Debora Sacks-Mintz

#9 Hinach Yafa, music by R. Shefa Gold

#12 Galeh, music by R. Moshe Shur

#14 Sefirat Ha’omer Nigun (prelude to nightly counting of the omer between Pesach and Shavuot)

#16 Ahava Raba Ahavtanu, music by H. Marsha Attie

#17 Precious Human Life, music by Michael Carberry, words from the Dalai Lama

#35 Ani L’dodi, Full 3 part Round, by Batya Levine– Click HERE!

Ani L’dodi, Part 1 of 3, music by Batya Levine

Ani L’dodi, Part 2 of 3, music by Batya Levine

Ani L’dodi, Part 3 of 3, music by Batya Levine

#36 Ana B’khoach/Mozi’s Nigun, music by Joey Weisenberg

#37 Adonai Oz, music by Daphna Rosenberg and Yoel Sykes (Nava Tehila)

#39 Shiviti, music by Daphna Rosenberg

Psalm 150/Halleluyah, music by R. Miriam Margles


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